If I have an allergy, can that be accommodated?

YES of course! Please let us know and we will be sure to make substitutions (ie. sub pistachios for almonds, raisins for dried apricots, etc.) 

If I have a dietary restriction, can that be accommodated?

YES of course! All of our boards are custom made. So, if you are vegetarian or gluten sensitive, or whatever it may be, just be sure to tell us and we will make accommodations.

What if I know I do and don't like certain cheeses?

Please tell us and we will be sure to avoid any cheeses that you dislike. Not a problem at all.

Can I pick my board up the day before I need it?

Yes! But, it must then be placed in the refrigerator until you're ready to serve. We would suggest taking the platter out an hour before it is being served to ensure that all the cheeses and meats are room temperature so that all the flavors are shining through! 

How does delivery work?

All of our assembled platters include free local delivery (currently serving the DMV area).